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Weighing the advantages and disadvantages of features and skills is the first step in the selection process of the device, and the use of industrial devices in the display and the general consumer oriented products. The following seven elements should be considered when selecting.
First, the stability of the whole machine (including the use of time, anti interference, etc.)
Display in the form of closed-circuit monitoring system, the general needs 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for uninterrupted electricity use (and generally only a few hours every day TV work), and some display application environment maybe is bad, this request displays the reliability and stability of higher. Compared with TV, in the planning, display the current, power, temperature and electric, electric shock and disturb to margin and uniform fault free use time are far greater than the TV display, together we must use a fully shielded metal shell to ensure electromagnetic compatibility and interference function; in the selection of components. Show the characteristics of various aspects of device use components of voltage, current, temperature and humidity are higher than the TV application components; and in the installation and debugging of particular request process components and the aging on the display request is higher, the TV production is generally in line at room temperature aging power 8 an hour or so, and display the overall demand of electricity in aging aging pipeline with high temperature and humidity in closed environment on aging for more than 24 hours, to ensure the stability of the machine Of.
Two, picture clarity
LCD display with intuitive picture quality reflect the function and selection of equipment show full 1920*1080 resolution on the field of radio and television, LCD display is the preferred choice, professional display resolution is based on the output of the initiative to adjust the resolution show (no matter anyway to support); its high reliability and ability will ensure clear you will be able to edit the recorded high-definition video, appeared in front of watching video signal integrity.
On the contrary, LCD TV only supports the introduction of several commonly used in the resolution of the resolution of the book. Because the resolution of the civilian television signal needs only a few, the television LCD only need to be used in accordance with the common use of several resolutions of the user, the special resolution will cause the screen.
Three, color restoration
If clarity is mainly determined by the amplitude and frequency characteristics of the video channel, the recovery is mainly determined by the display of the red (R), green (G), blue (B) three primary color signal and the brightness of the signal phase. Because the display in general static pictures, so the higher the display color restoration degree requirements than television, the video channel in the professional appearance of brightness and color processing, G, B and R should be treated with compensation circuit and delay circuit is accurate, to ensure that the light / color signal and phase R, G, B signal synchronization.
On the other hand, because the use of LCD TV to the environment request, the image is polished processing after show. Can not fully reflect the actual role.
Four, the use of machine data
Because of the use of the environment, some of the LCD TV machine shell metal material selection. And the internal board line is the industrialization plan, not simple aging; energy saving and environmental protection concept embodied: low energy consumption planning; environmental protection materials. Regular appearance, easy to splice, assembly and other industrial needs.
On the contrary, the LCD TV casing for non-metallic raw materials planning. Internal board line is the use of civilian planning, a long time to boot the formation of mechanical aging. In addition, the appearance of civil TV more than the wrong appearance, coupled with the sound system, the appearance of the arc system as a hearing and visual subordinate equipment, the construction of all the beautiful and the role will be greatly reduced.
Five, port
Liquid crystal display device to choose the industrial port, such as RGBBNC with the interface of the self locking mechanism and professional DVI-D video interface; on the contrary, there is no LCD TV BNC self-locking color input interface and DVI-D interface.
Six, control interface
LCD display can choose S232 serial control, open up to more than and 200 passwords, to adapt to a variety of industrial environment. When the utility model is convenient to use, the utility model can be used to control all the display devices without being controlled by the remote controller, and can be used for various industrial requirements, such as the auxiliary, the punctual boot, the delayed start, the machine self inspection, etc..
On the contrary, LCD TV can also choose S232 serial control. But can only complete the remote control command. Can not complete industrial control.
Seven, no fan architecture
LCD in the planning with no mechanical exhaust fan to keep air circulation and cooling, thereby preventing dust because of mechanical exhaust fan and fan noise in doubt, when the internal temperature for unknown reasons this increase, the display backlight system will adhere to the active manipulation of temperature under the highest working temperature.
On the contrary, LCD TV because of the use of the environment, there is no strict request.

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